Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soooo Excited!!

Some of you may know that over the summer, we had our home listed for sale. Well, it didn't sell and I was pretty bummed thinking that we may have to stay in our cramped townhome for another year. Things kind of fell together recently where we found a renter so can get a new house! I am too excited! I have been a little overwhelmed thinking about moving quickly and have been browsing the homes on the market right now. I found this little gem today and, by chance, there was even an open house going on when we drove by! I will have to keep you posted on new developments....just look at the kitchen though! It has an adorable back yard with a little garden and even a wet bar in the basement. Oh, the best thing, what is the best thing you ask? My own office area! I will update you with developments as they come!!

1 comment:

alyssa said...

Ohh! I am so glad you have the opportunity to get out of there :)