Saturday, September 6, 2008


I have been painting our bedroom a lovely shade of grey this afternoon.  Painting is so much work!  I haven't done it in so long that I forgot that the fun is when you get to look at it while it's finished.  Plus my two older kiddos want to help!  I gave them paint brushes, laid down some plastic and let them go at it.  Well...the problem with that is that I didn't notice the drips that were being created!  I have a section of the wall (very small) with insane drippage!  I think I can hide it with the headboard of the bed.  

The truth is, our bedroom has been neglected.  I have painted the living room, kitchen, hallway area, the kids rooms and the bathrooms.  Our bedroom has been the same shade of white since we moved in here in 2004.  You can imagine after 4 years the white is growing dingy and my bedroom wasn't feeling very cozy.  I am on a mission!  I will do it and I will post pictures when it is done so you can all see!   For now, all you get is a picture of what I hope the color will look like when I am done!  I hope to use a grey, brown, yellow and white color scheme with my bedding.

Back to painting - I just needed a rambling break!

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alyssa said...

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii love it! Mine is going to be a blue/grey :) Can't wait to see pics!