Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lack of Motivation

Today I am having the hardest time keeping my motivation. I am tired and cranky and not sure what has caused this to happen. Maybe I should just get off of my butt and turn on some music, clean up my area and get moving...until then....imagine yourself sitting in this lovely chair by VintageRenewal based out of Denver, Colorado (just up the road from Colorado Springs!).
I keep telling my husband he needs a new man chair and that this is just the chair for's not working :/ I look at this chair at least once a week and imagine myself laying across it with my legs over one arm and my head on the other arm, reading a book in the corner of a room with calm and quiet around me...then I hear "MOM!" come from the upstairs bedroom and realize it is only a dream. Well, maybe one day it will happen :)


Tamera said...

I WANT that chair!

alyssa said...

I wish I had $700 to drop on that for our new house!!!