Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another New Kitchen Towel

This might be my favorite kitchen towel to date! Not sure why I haven't thought of putting the Birds and the Trees together before this but I feel a new pouch design coming on!


alyssa said...

So cute!!!!!

r.filgueira said...

the number 1

can I order one set of
cThis set includes one Bib and a matching long sleeved ?¿?¿
0 month one
and to
send to spain¿?¿

What shall be the cost?¿?¿


KZ Originals- Karen said...

OMG! A new favorite of mine!

We haven't chatted in such a long time. How have you been, how is the family?

HOpe all is well. :)

Check out my shop if you have time, I have lots of new things listed. :)

CouponAlbum said...

It's so beautiful and cute towel for kitchen use!! Towels are essential item for kitchen!!