Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Almost Done!!

So, the holiday rush was a bit overwhelming for me this year but I find satisfaction in the fact that I only have 8 more items to make tonight until I am completely finished with my made-to-order Christmas rush! I decided to pull all items out of my shop that are made to order and only stock it with ready to ship items for a while (if not permanently). I love creating but have found with reproduction my creativity is being squished out of the whole process! Hopefully my new system will help me spend more time with my children and less time on the computer :)

Before I end this post I want to share this shop with you that I found today: JJCeramics. I love pottery and I am not sure why I haven't noticed this shop before because it is just the style that I am drawn to! I particularly like this Fern Tray With Scalloped Edge (which sold as I am writing this post) but could easily clean up her shop if I had the money to do so!


Colorado Knitter said...

Love her shop! Might be sending her some money soon too.

Kate said...

Oh, I love her shop. I keep "hearting" stuff there and when I think I might be ready to buy, my favorites are gone. Bummer.

I'm glad you're having a prosperous holiday season! Keep up the good work!