Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello, again! It has been a long two weeks and there is still much more to do! We have finally finished getting all of our belongings out of the old house and, with some help from friends, into the new house. I can't help but continue to feel unsettled, unorganized and overwhelmed. I am working on it but am struggling to find a balance between family, unpacking, organizing, wholesale orders and keeping up with all of my wonderful customers on Etsy! Let's just say the house is last priority right now so I will have to accept the fact that some things may stay sitting in boxes for weeks or possibly a couple of months. I am taking it one box at a time!

I have found the time to put out another new holiday bib and onesie design aimed more towards the little guys out there! My last set was for the girls... I have so many fabrics I need to use up that I have picked up here and there. My goal is to get some other new designs out, I have some new animals in mind for the bibs and onesies and hope to expand more with the placemats.

Anyhow, I feel I am rambling now! This week I plan on sharing some new shops with you that have great items. Some are undiscovered and some have been around for a while so check back to see all of the goodies!